San Juan Del Sur and Playa Majagual

Pacific coast beaches near the Costa Rican border, San Juan Del Sur is a growing tourist destination although it is still small and limited in the services it offers, for example there is no bank yet. But the number of foriegn and Nicaraguan visitors is going up and so are the prices, the limited number of restaurants know they have a captive market. But there are several hospedajes where a room can be had for under US$10 or a bed for just $4 and even though a dinner out costs twice what it does in Granada, a good meal need not cost more than $4-5. There are much better beaches both north and south of the town, one of which is Playa Majagual where I went, or a short walk away, Playa Madera where a national surfing competition was recently held.

Sunset on the beach in front of Bahia Majagual Eco-Lodge,a former Sandinista getaway and today a backpacker haven and source of the "if you never ever go, you'll never ever know" posters around Nicaragua.

Great beach but the lodge has way too many holier than thou surfers and backpackers who seem to have forgotten the rest of the world. Well, I guess that's just my opinion but since it's my website I can say it. But sometimes it is alright to get away from it all.




Playa Majagual in front of "Camping Matilda" the small campground and hotel where I camped. Tents for rent or there are 3 rooms with baths. Very simple but quiet as there is no restaurant or bar so people head next door to Bahia Majagual for dinner or drinking.