New Orleans, Louisiana
I visited New Orleans for Spring Break with 4 friends from college.  We drove down there which, even though parking is a pain, I recommend for convenience and security during a stay in the city.  The main areas to stay in are the French Quarter and the Garden District which each have their good and bad points.  We stayed somewhere north of the French Quarter in an area whose sole redeeming feature was that it was cheap.  We stayed at India House Hostel.  Friendly and cheap, it was a great place for us; however, it was converted from an old house and no upkeep appears to have been done on it since.  But the atmosphere is great, very bohemian, and we only saw one car theft nearby.

Visiting cemeteries is a favorite tourist activity around here, as the city has several dozen with many elaborate graves.  Graves here are above ground because the high water table used to prevent underground burials and tradition has kept the practice up.  On the right is St. Louis Cemetery Number 1.  Many people make a stop here at the grave of voodoo queen Marie Lavou, including a number of criminals.  Even though this cemetery is next to the police station, it is not safe to visit alone, especially after dusk.  Actually, have caution in all of New Orleans' cemeteries.

Right in the middle of the French Quarter is the gorgeous St. Louis Cathedral at one end of Jackson Square.  The Cathedral is open to the public (and their cameras) in between masses or on weekdays and visitors may also attend Catholic mass on Sundays.  Around Jackson Square are tons of painters and fortune tellers bidding for the tourist dollar. 

Scenes from the French Quarter

St. Louis, Missouri

View from the top of the arch