As an international student I went on a couple school sponsored field trips.  One weekend we went to Bulgok temple in the old capital of Kyungju, to the Hyundae plant and to Posco steel manufacturers, the largest steel plant in the world.  It was a cool look at both modern Korea and historic.


Bulgoksa gate guards

Sokkuram Grotto in the fall

Temple on Palgonsan

Would you like to buy a Hyundai? Maybe a white one perhaps?

General scenes of life in Korea

Daegu World Cup football (soccer) stadium

Average dinner out

Kyemyoung University dorms
The dorm rooms were standard - bunks, desks, but the other facilities gave many foreign students a pause.  Showers were communal (as in, no privacy at all) and sinks and toilets were in separate rooms.  The Korean girls also had a weird habit of washing their hair in the sinks instead of the showers. Huh?  And the fun of doing laundry was multiplied by having a washer with Korean only instructions, a spinner and no dryer.  Plus there was the ever unpopular 11 pm curfew that caused many a foreign student to be cursed in Korea by the gate guards at midnight. 

My friend Dana and I learning how to drum on traditional Korean drums.  She learned; I didn't.

How hard is it to count to four?  Not that hard you say? Yeah, well, after the poor teacher gave up on me ever learning a real song, she put me to keeping time with a four beat rhythm.  I failed miserably although I somehow managed a B in the class.  I think it was pity.  Extreme pity for the stupid foreigner.

Spring on campus

A painter on the Kyemyoung University downtown campus