Japan is clean, easy to travel around, can be interesting, and expensive.  It can also be sterile, repressive, and boring.  I went here with 4 friends, one of my few travels with other people.  We just went for a week during the thanksgiving (Chusok) break from school in Korea.  Taking the ferry from Pusan was an experience; on the overnight ferry ride over we went through a typhoon. Of course, I slept right through it, only waking for long enough to wonder why the windows were wet on the 4th deck, while my friends sat up much of the night in fear of the ship sinking.  Upon getting back on land, we visited Fukuoka and Nagasaki on Kyushu.  I prefer Nagasaki for its more interesting architecture and history while Fukuoka is a much more modern and generic type city.

Atomic Bomb Peace Park and Hypocenter Markers




Spectacles Bridge, Nagasaki



Fukuoka Asian Art Museum