Yes, I know that Hong Kong and Taiwan are not the same place but since I only visited each for a short time and have both few pictures and little to say about them, I decided to group them together on a page.  I only had a stopover in Taipei on a flight to Thailand, but the city was pretty fun and I would return to better explore the city and the rest of Taiwan if I had the occasion.  Hong Kong was different since I spent about a week there but really didn't do many of the touristy things since I stayed with family; thus I have no insights on hotels, restaurants, or prices. 

Ahh, one of my favorite streets in Hong Kong.  They name their streets so well.

This is a view of Hong Kong Harbour from a postcard. There's no way I could take this good of picture at night with all those lights. 

This Taipei Mickey D's is the only McDonald's I have ever been to with squat toilets.  What were they thinking? Don't they know that lost and confused Americans count on McDonald's to provide all the comforts of home for the cost of an ice cream cone?


A view of Taipei from the tallest building that would let us in without buying anything.  It's from a bar at I think the 55 floor or so.


City park in Taipei