The pictures on this page are all from Montezuma area.  Montezuma is a mostly touristy town on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula but it has several nice beaches, hotels in various price ranges and a number of restaurants, shops and travel agencies.  Most of the visitors are dreadlocked young people who stay for weeks at a time.

A beach east of Montezuma most easily accessible by horseback.

Small church in Montezuma

Waterfall of about 80 feet in height, about 2 hour walk from Montezuma town. 


Skeleton of unknown origin, possibly a swordfish

Main beach to the right of Chico's Bar, very popular but there is a better beach to the left of Chico's

Small waterfall about 1 hour horseback ride (7 km) from Montezuma.   I highly recommend the ride, which is mostly along the beach, and at low tide it is easy to canter along the long clear stretches.

Not technically Montezuma but rather the view from the ferry on the ride over to the peninsula from Puntarenas.